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Double Breasted Blazer

Wearing a Double Breasted Blazer

Double breasted blazers are coming back this winter season and have been one of this year’s hottest fashion items. It takes a certain kind of man to wear this type of outerwear correctly though. Let’s take a look at who fits the bill for wearing a double breasted blazer.

Slim Men

Slim men are often seen as the archetypal man when it comes to wearing any sort of double breasted jacket. The added bulk across the chest gives these men a far thicker, wider appearance than they would normally have in a regular cut. However, when a blazer is cut to a man’s measurements, then he would also benefit from a taper across the midsection that lends itself to the desirable V-shape image that athletic men strive for. While it’s often said that only slim men can wear a double breasted jacket, this doesn’t necessarily exclude stocky men.

Built Men

The V-shape can also lend itself quite favorable to a larger man, but care must be taken around the waistline so as not to flatter the midsection and give gents an overly “fat” appearance. A tailor is well-equipped to assist in these cases and can give a slightly relaxed appearance to the midsection for stocky men who may otherwise look dis-proportioned in a double breasted blazer.

Tall Men

A tall man in particular has a distinct advantage when it comes to wearing a double breasted jacket, which is especially true if he has a slim and elongated torso. The added bulk of the lapels will give a domineering appearance to these guys and it’s a look that can be worn throughout the seasons. For this winter, the MS Bespoke Style 26 by GvS Clothiers is a highly fashionable double breasted velvet blazer that’s appropriate for both casual and high-end formal events. Velvet, while formally frowned upon in many fashion circles, has become far more socially acceptable as of late and it’s now the time when men should start taking advantage of the fabric and adding it to their wardrobe. GvS Clothiers’ option makes a great start!

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband