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Graceful Tweeds

Wearing Tweeds This Fall

What once fell out of fashion due to its rather aged appearance is making a come back. Tweeds, unfinished wool that’s known for its rather coarse texture and hardy appearance, is becoming quite popular once again thanks to its versatility and acceptance amongst fashion icons and celebrities. However, what should wearers know before going out to buy tweed for the upcoming season? Let’s take a look.


Tweed is a lightweight material, which doesn’t always make it suitable for the coolest of conditions. When the temperatures drop into the negative digits, then it is high time to abandon a tweed jacket in favor of something warmer as it is unlikely to provide enough insulation against the elements. Where tweed does shine, though, is in slightly moderate conditions as it is light enough to be a full-length outer garment without becoming overly uncomfortable for wearers.

Water Resistance

Tweed was traditionally used for upper class country clothing. Shooting jackets, hunting vests, and equestrian outfits were often made of tweed as it offered excellent water resistance and general protection against damp conditions. This is still true today, but many tweed blends have sacrificed this quality for a lower end cost to the consumer. It is important to consider this if wearers are planning on taking their tweed jacket into wet environments. An original 100% wool jacket will provide very high levels of water resistance that simply can’t be matched by tweed blends.

Colorful Tweeds

Thanks to modern fashion ideas in menswear over the past few years, there are a wide variety of different tweeds that have quite funky and vibrant color patterns at various price points. Unfortunately, the different levels of availability of certain colors and patterns has made this a bit of a snag point when it comes to looking for a single tweed outfit that will serve a variety of purposes. While tweed should always be seen as a dressier casual option, that doesn’t mean men can’t wear tweed to formal events.

For men wanting an all-purpose tweed outfit, then it’s hard to go wrong with a standard grey three-piece tweed suit. This will allow seamless transitions between offices and nights out on the town without looking completely out of place as wearers are free to remove pieces or suit up to adapt to changing environments. Regardless of where men find themselves, a grey tweed suit will always be seen as appropriate.

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