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Why You Should Consider a Bespoke Shoe

Foot problems are on the rise and plantar fasciitis is becoming one of the most commonly reported issues in the workplace and even day-to-day living. While a weak muscle structure and various muscular imbalances can be the root cause of foot pain, footwear itself has a huge role to play in exacerbating an existing condition. There’s really no reason people need to suffer any longer and help is readily available to those who need it. This is where bespoke shoe comes into play.



Simply put, a bespoke shoe provides unparalleled comfort and relief of existing foot pain when compared to store-bought shoes. This is because bespoke shoes are molded to the wearer’s unique arch height, foot shape, and other unique requirements that shoe manufacturers just can’t accommodate in every single case. This is because manufacturers follow a model design that assumes all feet will conform to that particular base, which is exactly why so many foot problems exist in the first place!

What’s particularly important in a bespoke shoe is width. While many manufacturers have adjusted widths in many of their shoes, there are very few wider widths that are available in stores. This means wearers will need to order them online and hope for the best if they’re trying to find the right fit for their feet. Ordering shoes online is considered a lottery to begin with, but this needn’t be the case with a bespoke shoe, which will be created to the wearer’s exact specifications.



Because a bespoke shoe conforms to the wearer’s unique foot needs, it will ultimately provide a more natural fit. These have often been marketed as “barefoot shoes” in more recent years and there’s quite a big trend that’s seeing health professionals recommending them over more traditional shoes, but barefoot shoes still conform to the model foot as opposed to our own individual foot needs. Bespoke shoes do a far better job of mimicking the barefoot experience simply because they were designed with our own feet in mind.


Design of Bespoke Shoe

Besides the comfortable, natural fit of a bespoke shoe, wearers are also able to customize them to their design preferences. Whether they’re after specific colors, patterns, or similar sorts of features, a bespoke shoe will be able to provide this added flexibility to create a truly one of a kind item that won’t be found in any store.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband