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Why its time you invested in some wideleg trousers

It’s time to invest in some wideleg trousers if you aren’t one of those health nuts, or maybe a couple of years too old for ‘skinny jeans’. This season trousers are getting loose everyone is doing silhouette and its getting boring. It feels more free and with some more drape – in this editorial we talk about how to wear wide leg trousers and what to wear them with. Get a bespoke pair of GVS dress trousers that will LAST, if you buy quality it will last by all means.

1. I like to tuck my shirt in with wide-leg trousers, so it gives you a waist. At GVS we like to provide ourselves on our quality to order yourself a pair of bespoke wideleg trousers, head over to a local tailor get measured, or ask if you have a consultant in the area, then simply place your order and your very own quality pair of wideleg trousers will be with you within 2-4 weeks. This is a look that is growing in trend and style with a lot of fashion gurus like David Beckham and David Gandy, it is one of the most sported looks at high style and high social events like the races.

2. Your shoes – You need something with some weight; some heavy boots, or a heavy brogue. We prefer church’s brogues with our GVS custom bespoke trousers. Small shoes will make it look like you are a child wearing your dad’s trousers (DO NOT, WE REPEAT, DO NOT…).

3. When turning them up, you can put a fold in the bottom to pull off smaller shoes, that aren’t as clunky.

WE RECCOMEND – a GVS casual blazer, with some heavy brogues (custom made at GVS), and your very own BESPOKE wide leg trousers. Recreate this look catered to you at GVS (click on the links above to redirect to order) for under 699$!

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