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Winter Storage Tips

Winter Clothes Storage Tips

With spring right around the corner, it’s time to start organizing our closest to get rid of the bulk and to start reintroducing the lighter wear that’s only going to lead to our summer best. This blog post will provide storage tips in time of your spring wardrobe revamp. Unfortunately, the whole organizing process can be a bit of a daunting one. Let’s take a look at how to best store winter clothes so that they’re in wearable condition next winter right out of the box.


Give Everything a Clean

Stains always darken over time. Now’s the time to get to the laundry room to pre-treat all garments according to the manufacturer’s instructions and to wash with a more intensive detergent. Bleach or ammonia agents (pine disinfectant) can also be used before a wash should they be recommended for a particular material such as cotton or polyester. These have an added benefit of being chemical repellent for insects and will help ward off moth holes forming in clothes during the storage phase.


Storage Tips: Plastics Are Good

Storage Tips: Plastics Are Good

Choose Durable Storage

Plastic storage boxes aren’t bad solutions overall, but provide a harbor for bugs and insects when they’re already present in the box. It’s always important to give storage boxes a thorough clean before storing clothing within them. This isn’t the time to be sparing with chemicals: storage containers need one of the harshest chemical treatments possible (think bleach) to ensure a total eradication of any insect population hanging around within them. Always allow containers to air dry in a clean, dry place before packing clothes. The last thing you want is moisture wearing away at your fabrics!

Another option is to choose unused suitcases or storage trunks. These are naturally designed for long term storage and provide excellent protection against both harsh handling and the atmosphere as a whole. Lining these with acid free paper provides one of the most hardy storage solutions possible for winter clothes.


Choose the Best Spot

This is a very important storage tips, perhaps often underrated and later regretted the most. Darker and drier spots will always be the best possible choices since they’ll prevent fabric fade through exposure to light sources and help ward off mold and insects. Whatever the choice, it’s important to give that area a bit of a clean and tidy before choosing to store clothes there. Much like the storage container itself, mildew and dirt will naturally attract insects who will quickly take up a permanent residence in fabrics if given the opportunity!


Check On It

Our last but not the least of many storage tips is periodical checking. While the clothes are technically “stored away”, it’s important to never abandon the storage altogether. Periodically checking on storage containers will ensure there’s nothing going on that will negatively impact on next winter’s wear.

Hope these storage tips come handy in time of your spring wardrobe revamp. Let us know if you want to add to our list or feel free to participate in the discussion in the comment section!

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