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Winter Style Does Not Have to be Boring

Winter Style Guide For Men

With the colder months right around the corner, us guys are all thinking the same thing: comfort and protection against the elements. Unfortunately, many men simply choose to drag out whatever they were wearing last winter simply because it met those two requirements. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this should they have made fashionable choices in the first place. However, in a world of oversized down-filled Mr. Puffy jackets and worn out wool, fashionable choices are rarely the case against their function. Let’s take a look at how to dress better this winter season with these simple yet effective winter style hacks.


While it might conjure up some negative images, men have now outgrown their schoolboy days when wearing leg warmers, beanie hats, and wool scarves would cause them to be the target of lunchtime antics and ribbing from fellow classmates. What’s more is that all of those important winter fashion accessories that parents would dress us in will often look great when carefully paired against sophisticated and manly attire. Of course, it is important to stick to very high quality materials and keep flashy patterns to an absolute minimum. This will ensure accessories don’t detract from the outfit, but will instead support and accent them very well.

Explore Footwear and Boost your Winter Style

One of the best aspects of the winter season is that it gives men the freedom to explore just about every footwear option there is. This is all due to the erratic changes in weather, which can range from unseasonable warmth to bone-chilling cold in a matter of days or even hours. Boots tend to play an important role in the winter thanks to their added traction on icy surfaces, but anything with a thick sole or even trainer hybrids tend to be usable during the winter. Men would be wise to explore waterproof and water-resistant options in their uppers, too, which will provide much-needed relief against the dreaded wet socks that tend to accompany wintertime conditions.

Bulk Up Inner Layers

Conventional fashion wisdom suggests that men should keep their outer layers bulky and inner layers slim and sleek. While there’s some truth to this, it doesn’t mean that men should adhere to the rule just because. Bulky sweaters and thermal undergarments can be finished with a suitably trim denim or leather jacket, but it’s important to keep bottom layers somewhat visible to the elements. This will help avoid the compacted visual effect that tends to accompany wearing a tightly bound jacket with chunky under layers. Men will find this winter style/look works quite well in indoor social events, where the outer layer can be unzipped or unbuttoned throughout the night.

Michael Snell

Loving father and husband