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Duffle Coat and Chukka: Up Your Winter's Fashion Game

This Winter’s Top Fashion Tips

The fashion industry is one that’s constantly evolving to incorporate new trends and ideas. Fortunately for many men, this winter will see a throwback to a lot of classic and refined ideas that exude true masculinity rather than being a slave to fad-like movements. Let’s take a look at what to expect in this winter’s fashion trend.

Fall Colors in Winter’s Fashion

Earth tones are something popping up in big numbers this fall, which is expected to cross over into the winter. The traditional color scheme including coppers, oranges, and hunter greens are making waves across fashion shows in both North America and Europe and are particularly good colors to stock up on at this very moment. For winter, fashion experts expect navy blue and warmer grays to be particularly prominent in terms of the colors and shades being used.

Duffle Coat

Puffer jackets filled with down are important wintertime pieces that are becoming increasingly popular again, but duffel coats are being regularly featured in fashion shows. Again, these tend to conform to autumnal color schemes and camel tan and beige tended to be the most popular color choices to find in a duffel coat on the catwalk. However, many fashion designers felt like experimenting with vintage designs of this type of coat and threw themselves back to more traditional times by creating very sleek, stylish, floor length overcoats. One particularly interesting catwalk item was a duffel coat made from plastic, but experts don’t recommend it for the wintertime when it will quickly crack and deteriorate.

Big Shoes

What was once a fashion faux-pas is becoming increasingly acceptable: big shoes are this winter’s big ticket. Thick chukka boots were one of the most popular choices to be seen on the fashion runway, but there was quite a bit of attention being paid to Chelsea boots and more seasonal mid-length hiking boots. What’s particularly important to consider here is waterproofing. This winter is expected to bring with it quite cold, wet conditions, so boots made of Gore-Tex and similar materials will provide excellent protection against the harsh elements. Patent leather may also provide acceptable levels of protection against light moisture, but shouldn’t be relied on for a full-fledged snowstorm.

Pajama Suits

Silk shirts are another popular choice for the upcoming cold season, but an interesting hybrid option was the pajama suit featured on many catwalks. While many men will shy away from the blue collar boiler suit image, some pajama suits were dressed up and featured stylish turtlenecks and other accents beneath them. Fashion experts don’t expect this trend to catch on long term, but it could be an interesting wardrobe addition for this specific season.

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