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Work for Michael Snell Bespoke as an Independent Fashion Consultant

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There has never been a better time to reward your own creativity, fashion sense and abilities, and excellent administrative skills. Michael Snell Bespoke is currently recruiting for independent fashion consultants to help create bespoke garments and accessories for our ever-growing list of clients. Here is what we’re looking for:

A Consultant with Great Taste

Our customers demand one thing above all else: quality. This means our consultants need to be completely in tune with what constitutes high quality fashion and accessories. From choosing the right materials through to trimming and adding decals, the fashion consultant needs to be able to interpret exactly what our customers want and present their expectations to them in the most sophisticated way possible.

Fashion Sense

Our customers are sometimes at a complete loss for what constitutes good fashion. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with going for the traditional three-piece suit, it must be done in a way that stays with current trends. Our consultants will need be aware of the different types of cuts and collars, which each work for certain body types and will accent some features better. Our consultants should be able to offer personal insight and advice to their clients, which will include making appropriate suggestions based on their physical builds and correcting anything that would be inappropriate from a fashion perspective (for example, a small slim fit blazer on an obese man with broad shoulders).

Our consultant should also be able to keep up with seasonal changes in fashion requirements, so as to give our customers the best possible and most relevant advice when asked. This will not only require researching the latest trends, but also retaining staple ideas from older trends to create a truly unique pattern or design idea that can be stand the test of time. For many customers, innovation is at the heart of quality alongside actually using high-quality raw materials.

Marketing and Sales Skills

We’re particularly keen to hear from a consultant who has backgrounds in marketing and sales. As fashion is largely driven by successful advertising campaigns, our consultants must be able to pitch our products and services in a way that will close a sale as opposed to offering general insight into clothing for goodwill.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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